Wanna Get To Know Me?

Whimsy Honey is someone who wants to attain happiness by indulging in self-love, eating mind-blowingly delicious food, and teaching others to think positively glowing thoughts! All of this is possible on whimsyhoney.com ;) 

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"Is your fear greater than your faith in the unknown (and yourself)? Or is your faith in the unknown (and yourself) greater than your fear?"

        - Jen Sincero, You are a Badass                     


Hello again! I would like to introduce to you, you sexy people, the new journey that is Whimsy Honey! The name Whimsy Honey came from a quick and simple thought I had had in the past when the idea to start a journey like this came along. I have always, for some unknown reason, loved to name people and objects, and anything and everything. And at the thought of Whimsy Honey... my heart did a little skippety-dip! It just felt right, it felt calming, soothing even, almost like a sweet song being hummed by a loved one to make you feel like everything was going to be alright. So I stuck with it, and happily so, because now I get the chance to use that soothing name for this adventure that we are about to partake in! Any time the world is feeling like too much just think Whimsy Honey and all will be at peace again. (Who knows, it might work?).

I have always wanted to create either a blog, podcast, youtube channel or even a book to let the world know I AM HERE TO LOVE YOU AND TO TEACH YOU THAT YOU NEED TO LOVE ALL OF YOUR LOVELY SELF! 

There are too many times in our lives where we beat ourselves up, or knock ourselves down, or curse ourselves out of happiness and into a dark space of loneliness, sadness, and anger. I would like to feel the complete opposite of those words, and I have given myself the chance now to do it. I'll take my chances at happiness, shut off those hurtful thoughts, and embark on the happiness I rightfully deserve, and you deserve it too! There are so many opportunities that the universe gives us to achieve happiness right in front of our very eyes. It won't be a piece of cake but that's how we'll know we're on the right path to redemption.

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